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What goes into a production? Take a look at just a few examples:

Principals: for those with confidence, some experience, and an ability to act and sing and have a go. Professional training not necessary: you’ll be surprised what you can achieve!
Chorus parts: can you hold a note and learn a tune? Then think about joining the chorus – everything you do is as a group so you are never ‘out there on your own’! Of course for those who really get into it there are always opportunities to do more when you’re on stage, including some dancing!
Props: whether it is collecting things or building them from scratch. All our sets are designed and built by a team of dedicated volunteers, and many of our props are too – so if you consider yourself handy with DIY, artistic and imaginative there is always a need for more hands on deck.
Technical and lighting: our volunteer technical crew have built up good experience at lighting a production, and creating sound and staging effects – many skills for passing on to new hands.
Costume: this is not just about measuring and hiring, but deciding on the ‘look’, the ‘period’ etc. and making sure we get the right outfits to the right players at the right time. Backing that up there is always a need for a small army of volunteers who can do everything from making minor alterations to emergency repair work with a handy needle and thread!
Make-up: during show week we always need a volunteer or two to help with our stage make-up, the men especially!
Front of house: ticket selling, organising and running the interval drinks, showing people to their seats, looking after the audience and latecomers, organising the audience raffle.

Promotion and publicity: making sure everyone knows about productions, making and distributing flyers and posters.
Venue: arranging venue hire, and liaison over any issues during use.
Rehearsal support: for example, making the tea!


Interested in finding out more?

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